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What services do you offer?

Libby-Scott can construct, repair, overlay, or fully rebuild your gravel or asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road.

For tasks or projects outside of our capabilities (e.g., line striping, concrete pouring, tiling, seal-coating, or landscaping), we can help you connect with well-established local contractors to ensure all your criteria are satisfactorily met.

When does the season start / end?

Unfortunately, even the Farmers’ Almanac can’t help us get any more specific than this:

The season starts when road postings get removed, and ends either when asphalt plants close for the year, or road temperature stays below 36-38° F. (2-3°C).

We are typically booked for the remainder of the year by the beginning of August.


We may continue to provide estimates after the year’s schedule is filled, but will recommend another local paving company if waiting until next year won’t be an option for you.

How long will it take?

It depends on the lot or road size and the scope of work, but our estimates include the number of half &/or full days that we expect to spend on both the preparatory and paving aspects.

Areas that have never been paved, or that are being completely redone, usually take twice as much time to prepare as they do to pave.

We endeavor to pave within a day or 2 of completing the prep work, but weather and schedules do not always allow it.

When can I drive / park on it?

Roads and Parking lots – as soon as the workers clear barricades and themselves from the work zone, it is cool enough to drive and park on. Note that edges may break more easily and hard turns or large equipment may displace material during the first few hours after paving.

Driveways – since cars spend more hours in one place in a driveway than other paved areas, we recommend giving it 48 hours to fully set, especially if the outside temperature is maintaining higher than 80°F (26-27° C).

Frequently Asked Questions

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